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Parish Diary


Regular Events

  • Tea and Coffee are served after the 10:00 Weekday Mass on most Mondays and Wednesdays and also after the 11.30 am Sunday Mass.
  • The Youth Clubs (for school years 4-6 and 7-9) meet on alternate Fridays during term time.

Forthcoming Events

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Image result for CHRIST GIF And if the Spirit of him who raised Jesus from the dead is living in you, then he who raised Jesus from the dead will give life to your own mortal bodies through his Spirit living in you.

Year 2018
Febuary 2018
  Clergy and Parish Office Availability

Please note Clergy and Parish Office availability changes -
Tuesday 10.30 -11.30 Fr Michael and Melanie are available in the Bethany Room.
1pm - Parish Office Closed
 4pm - 7pm - Fr Michael available in Presbytery.
There will be Adoration every 3rd Sunday of the month after the 6.00pm Mass ADORATION 2018

There will be Adoration every 3rd Sunday of the month after the 6.00pm Mass
5pm—5.45pm each Saturday night. Confession
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Please note from now on there will be confessions from 5pm—5.45pm each Saturday night.

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 The Foodbank have requested the following items: Sugar, tinned meat, tinned fish, tinned fruit, tin soup, fruit juice, long life milk, cooking oil, washing up liquid, washing powder, toilet rolls and shower gel.
 At the moment they do not need pasta, baked beans or chick peas.
Please also consider Christmas in this week month’s bag.
  Knitting Group
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The Parish Knitting Group will not meet next Tuesday 31st October it will meet again on Tuesday 7th November.
Wednesday 14th February Bethany Connect

This Wednesday 14th February is Valentine's Day and Ash Wednesday.
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 For some this will be a day for romance, for others it will be a day of fasting. For many of us and families it will be an ordinary day.
 We would like to make it special for you, by inviting you to a gathering in the Bethany Room at 8.30pm after the 7.30pm Mass for refreshments and to meet the newly established Bethany Family Support Group.
18th February 2018
Adoration and Prayer Sundays of Lent Provincial House
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The Daughters of Charity invite you to pray with them during adoration on each Sunday of Lent. It includes adoration and evening prayer of the Church. It ends at 5pm with tea and refreshments.
 The first Sunday in Lent is 18th February.
Monday19th February at 2pm Sacred Heart Afternoon Club

The next meeting of the Sacred Heart Afternoon Club will be held in the hall on Monday19th February at 2pm
The speaker this month will be Annalisa Cellini. her talk will be on
'Exercise and Wellbeing'.
Saturday 28th OctoberVaughan House, Westminster Saturday 24th February 2018
 St Joseph’s Pastoral Centre, Hendon Saturday 17th March2018-Vaughan House, Westminster

  This is a letter sent to Priests and married couples in parishes.
An Invitation from the Marriage and Family Life Ministry Agency for Evangelisation

Parishes, movements, schools and other Church institutions can help in a variety of ways to support families and help them grow… The life of every family is marked by all kinds of crises, yet these are also part of its dramatic beauty.
Couples should be helped to realize that surmounting a crisis need not weaken their relationship; instead, it can improve, settle and mature the wine of their union. (AMORIS LÆTITIA para 229)
The Marriage and Family Life Ministry within the Agency for Evangelisation invites you to take part in an initiative to help, by attending with, couples or husbands or wives alone, who are interested in this ministry of ‘accompanying married couples on their way’ to experience the Smart Loving Breakthrough Workshop.
 Thereafter, they will receive all the necessary training (including a Marriage Enrichment Retreat for their own marriage, free of charge) to make the Workshop available to others in your own parish. Smart Loving Break Through is a three-hour workshop primarily designed to renew hope and encourage couples to attend further weekend sessions together.
It is a practical, solution-focused workshop for all stages of marriage. Drawing on contemporary research and Catholic theology, this workshop provides skills and insights to transform marriage relationships into the thriving, joy-filled encounter that they are meant to be. 

For more information and to register for a place on ONE of the days contact or 0207931 6064
  Passage Collection

 Please put items in boxes in the Narthex
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  Parish Afternoon Club

The first meeting of THE AFTERNOON CLUB in our newly refurbished hall will take place on Monday next October 16th at 2pm, we would like to welcome everybody back for our "HALL WARMING". All are welcome.
Bereavement Care Drop In

A Bereavement Care Drop In Group in the parish to be held on the first Monday of each month. We welcome all faiths and beliefs, this group is open to anyone who wishes to talk about their pain, grief or loss. Never feel alone we are her for you. We are not counsellors but are very, very good listeners.
Every 1st Monday of the month there after.
The first drop in session will be at 19:00pm
Just turn up.
For more information contact at
St Michael’s Church, Rev Stephen
 020 8959 1449
  First Holy Communion and First Reconciliation 2017/18 

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Our Community of Faith congratulate all the First Holy Communion children who receive their certificates at the Saturday vigil and to all the Parents and Carers. A special thanks to their teachers and mentors. Congratulations also to the children of the Walk with Me programme who make their First Holy Communion on Sunday
The Catechists would like to thank all the families of this year’s children for their good wishes, cards and very generous gifts.

The 2017-18 programme will be for children born between :
1st September 2009 and 31st August 2010

Registration forms will be available from 1st September 2017 to 24th September 2017

We always welcome new catechists. If you are interested in helping us next year please leave your details in the Parish Office and we will be happy to chat with you about the programme. th&th & 5th
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Attendance by Parents at this course is a Diocesan requirement for the first two children or if there is an interval of 5 or more years between the children’s birth
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Attendance by Parents at this course is a Diocesan requirement for the first two children or if there is an interval of 5 or more years between the children’s birth.
The next Baptism course is on Tuesday 6th February at 8pm in the Bethany Room and Tuesday 13th February at 8pm in church Attendance by parents at this course is a Diocesan requirement for the first two children or a 5 or more years interval

Pilgrimage Trust

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This is a recruitment and fundraising event to help bring adults to Lourdes from July 27th 2018 for a week.

 We would be delighted to recruit helpers from among the 16 plus age group.

Tuesday 13th and 20th March 7.00pm New Eucharist Ministers

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We are planning to have training sessions for the new Eucharistic Ministers on the Tuesday 13th and 20th March 7.00pm.
This will last about one hour. If you feel that you are able to serve as Eucharistic Minister kindly provide us with your contact details (name, telephone number and the email address) to Melanie in the parish office. Please provide this information even if you have already done so during the year as we wish to make sure that we have all the interested members.

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Every Wednesday night from 17th January to 4th April 2018 Churches Together Night Shelter

Every Wednesday night from 17th January to 4th April 2018 Churches Together Night Shelter 2018 Churches Together in Mill Hill Night Shelter 2018 There will be an appeal at all Masses this weekend, on behalf of the Night Shelter for 2018. This year the shelter will run at John Keble Church on every Wednesday night from 17th January to 4th April
Saturday 19th May Mass in Thanksgiving for Matrimony

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The Diocese invite couples who are celebrating their
5th, 10th, 20th, 30th 40th 50th 60th and 60plus wedding anniversaries
in 2018 to Westminster Cathedral on Saturday 19th May for a Thanksgiving Mass.
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Please supply to the Parish Office the names, address, wedding date and email address and contact number. Personal invitations will be sent out from the Diocese.
Saturday 9th June 9.30am-4.00pm Parish Open Day
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Provincial House, the Ridgeway, Mill Hill Lunch provided
The theme will be “Living our Christianity” reflecting on our call by Pope Francis to be “Missionary Disciples” See further announcements for more information.
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14 by 31st August 2018 Confirmation 2018
Have you missed the registration meeting last week but would still like to be included in the 2018 Confirmation programme? If so please ring Chris Rosser on 07779292718 or email I can take your registration details by phone and send required documents.

If you will be 14 by 31st August 2018 and wish to be Confirmed, please come to the COME & SEE meeting on Tuesday 5th December for parents and candidates for Confirmation. We will meet at 6.30pm in the hall. We will distribute registration forms at that meeting, Registration will then take place the following week on Tuesday 12th December at 6.30pm. Bishop John Sherrington will celebrate the Sacrament of Confirmation in our parish on Saturday 5th May 2018.
7th to 9th 2018
Adoremus Liverpool

If you would like to attend this National Eucharistic pilgrimage with the main event at the Liverpool Echo Arena on Saturday 8th September 2018 please leave your name to the parish office.
The diocesan organizers are asking for an immediate response from us this week as places will be limited.
 (This date also coincides with the annual Vincentian pilgrimage to Knock shrine.)

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